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Catalogue CD collection


DVD and CD catalog software will help any user to catalogue cd collection. Camel Disc Catalog is one of the best tool for such puprose.


CD catalog main window


This cd catalog generates a computer database for keeping track and searching for required disk just in seconds. It is possible to add disk automatically with many additional information or manually by entering only it name.

The familiar and easy-to-use Windows Explorer-style interface makes it extremely easy, for even a total beginner, to start using Camel Disk Catalog, the more so, that it is divided into two areas - an explorer with a tree view of the database and a content viewer. Once started, the program provides an at-a-glance overview of the users entire disk collection.

Your can customize the CD catalog to your needs, create subcategories to alleviate the search, assign pictures to any element, add HTML formatted commentaries and many more.


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