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Version 2.3.1 build 1614 (04.11.2013)

  • Updated libraries: libRAW and FreeImage.
  • Updated WebImport plugin
  • Added unicode support for reports
  • Added support for path length larger than MAX_PATH (via UNC)
  • Some minor bugfixes





Version 2.3.1 build 1567 (25.08.2012)

  • Fixed bug related to "Show In Explorer" menu action for folders
  • Fixed bug with empty thumbnail in pdf plugin
  • Fixed bug with slow tree loading due to slow sorting
  • Added german translation (thanks to Niels and Lars)
  • Updated WebImport for IMDB and added support for IMDB.DE





Version 2.3.1 build 1560 (24.06.2012)

  • Fixed sorting in tree
  • Fixed autobackup path
  • Fixed bug with locations update from scan dialog
  • Fixed bug with updating network folders (UNC path)
  • Added FLV support to media plugin
  • Updated plugin libraries





Version 2.3.1 build 1553 (07.01.2012)

  • Added locations tab
  • Possibility to modify group of elements (comment, type, etc.)
  • New function to copy metadata between elements (categories, comments, pictures, etc.)
  • Speed improvements
  • Added possibility to show real pathname in toolbar
  • Added shortcuts Alt-1, Alt-2, Alt-3, etc for switch between tabs
  • Updated all major plugins
  • Many bugfixes and small enchantments





Version 2.3.0 build 1485 (16.05.2010)

  • Faster selection and deletion of a large number of items in the list
  • Added new field for advanced search: path, category, location, user, group
  • Added button for deletion of innactive paths in search dialog
  • Fixed error with blank paste in comment window (in some cases)
  • Fixed some bugs in disk update algorithm
  • Updated plugins: WebImport, Media, RAW
  • And other minor bugfixes





Version 2.3.0 RC5 build 1468 (24.03.2010)

  • Manual disk add.
  • Client-server plugin manager.
  • Redesigned search dialog.
  • Added extension to field search.
  • Redesigned disk scan dialog.
  • Added support for scan depth.
  • Added option for automatic launch WebImport after disc scan.
  • Toolbar now support 3 icon sizes: 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48. You can also change text caption position.
  • Added Disc type field.
  • Attached pictures can be saved now.
  • More settings for log files.
  • FrameGrab plugin now support capture of several screenshots at once.
  • Added proxy support to WebImport plugin
  • Optimized algorithm for loading groups.
  • Almost all plugins updated.
  • MANY small bugfixes and enchantments.





Version 2.2.2 build 1222 (13.08.2009)

  • Added 256x256 icon for Windows Vista
  • Fixed hung while theme switching (in some cases)
  • Fixed bug when CDC swithes to "Preview" tab while resizing
  • Added multiselect for all lists
  • Nested users and locations now display with full path in list view
  • Many bugfixes





Version 2.2.2 build 1175 (14.06.2009)

  • Added URL field in WebImport plugin
  • Added hint for statusbar
  • Fix error with alpha-channel images in FreeImages plugin
  • Added support for <span> tag in comments
  • Fixed bag with blank name for scanned folder
  • Several other bugfixes





Version 2.2.2 RC 1 build 1160 (09.06.2009)

  • Disk update (rescan)
  • Support for several images per element
  • Editing commentary in the description window
  • Preview tab for video files
  • Load description from text file
  • Assign picture from internet direct URL
  • Optional support of IEC binary prefix (KiB, MiB, GiB)
  • Number of digits after the decimal separator can be changed
  • Picture resize can be disabled in settings (but with cost of larger and slower database)
  • New plugin for RAW images from digital cameras
  • Added option "High quality rescale" in images plugin
  • Status bar displays entire disks count and database file size
  • Status bar displays current program status (idle or busy)
  • Added new columns for list view: Alias or Disc Name, Path, Disk Count (for groups, categories, etc.), Full name, Full alias, Full alias or name, Files Amount (for disks, folders and categories)
  • Support of cdci format for external converters
  • Updated PDF plugin
  • Updated DJVU plugin
  • Updated Media plugin
  • Update database engine
  • Hgh quality rescale for images
  • Added support for PFM format in freeimages plugin
  • Added support for Transport Stream (*.ts) files in Media plugin
  • "Name or Alias" columns changed to "Alias or Name"
  • Some interface fixes in WebImport plugin
  • Added "Close" button to the database context menu
  • Logs now stored in Application Data\cdc folder





Version 2.2.1 build 1088 (15.03.2009)

  • Fixed several bugs in FictionBook plugin;
  • Now possible to change category, location, users to several selected disks in properties dialog;
  • Fixed bug with update of categories, locations and users in list;
  • Fixed error for scanning files without extension;
  • Added support for .cue and .ion extensions in text plugin;
  • Removed disk blocking;
  • Optimized work with preview images in pdf, djvu, images, freeimages plugins;
  • Added option to ignore EXIF information in images plugin;
  • Logs moved to Application Data\cdc folder;
  • Added "Open log directory" menu item;
  • Added Name, Alias, Disk Name and Comments to Field Search;
  • Other internal fixes.





Version 2.2.1 build 1007 (04.02.2009)

  • Customized columns in list;
  • Added "Categories" field to reports;
  • Complex files mask (for several file types at once) in disk scan dialog (like *.doc;*.txt;*.pdf);
  • Standartd shell icons for files (optional);
  • Now search results stored between program runs (optional);
  • Correct sort by disk number in reports (1,2,10, instead of 1,10,2);
  • New option - "Justify columns" in list;
  • Updated Textinfo plugin (faster work, Unicode support);
  • Update database engine;
  • Added "Clear" button in report dialog;
  • Fixed several minor bugs.





Version 2.2.0 Release build 862 (30.11.2008)

  • Some bug fixes in PDF and FreeImages plugins;
  • Now user can manually change path to disks;
  • Added option to open object location in Explorer;
  • Fixed interface hang-ups during long operations;
  • Updated database engine.





Version 2.2.0 RC3 build 838 (06.11.2008)

  • Added mask support for disk scan. Now you can add only special file types if you want (like *.avi, *.mp3, etc);
  • Added video bitrate field in cdc_media.dll plugin;
  • Added presets to reports dialog;
  • All windows now remember their positions;
  • Fixed flickering bug on column resize;
  • Fixed estimated time calculation for large drives;
  • Fixed bug with unicode path in some cases;
  • Other small fixes.





Version 2.2.0 RC2 build 818 (26.10.2008)

  • Changed interface of main window.
  • Added FictionBook plugin. Thanks to Zlatko Petkov for help.
  • Added reports to HTML, Excel (XLS), TXT, PDF and RTF formats.
  • Added FreeDB plugin for Audio CD.
  • Added plugin for PDF files.
  • Updated WebImport plugin.
  • Added feedback dialog.
  • 15% faster disk scan.
  • Added "Users" tab in tree view.
  • Implemented auto increment of symbolic-numerical disk numbers.
  • Fields in advanced search now saves after program close.
  • Faster base conversion from older versions.
  • Added option for empy disk scan (without file and folder structure).
  • Added new themes - Kreski and Komik.
  • Added optional disk check for read errors during scan (slower)
  • Swapped places for simple and advanced search button.
  • Added button to assosiate all plugin extensions.
  • Added planned time for disk scan.
  • Added planned time for disk scan.
  • Added option "Move disks and folders on top", so it now possible to choose mi folder and files in alphabetic order or not.





Version 2.1.5 build 660 (18.08.2008)


  • [+] Drag'n'Drop for groups and categories in tree;
  • [+] Added [B][I][U] button to element properties dialog for formatting comments;
  • [+] In element properties dialog categories moved from standalone tab to drop down tree list;
  • [*] Fixed bug with preset save;
  • [*] Audio.dll: fixed bug with Unicode filenames;
  • [*] Added support for read-only base files.





Version 2.1.4 build 642 (09.08.2008)


  • [+] FrameGrab plugin now can work in disk scan process;
  • [*] Fixed errors with incorrect folder size in some rare cases;
  • [*] Some minor bugfixes.





Version 2.1.4 build 630 (04.08.2008)


  • [+] Added toolbar with current path and navigation arrows;
  • [+] Added new plugin - Djvu;
  • [*] Fixed errors with extensions aligment;
  • [*] Fixed error with not worked Del key;
  • [*] Optional automatic scan of new disks;
  • [*] And other minor bugfixes.





Version 2.1.3 build 608 (27.07.2008)

  • [+] Category, location and user lists now have tree-like structure;
  • [*] Fixed bug of incorrect sorting groups and disks in tree;
  • [*] And other minor bugfixes.





Version 2.1.2 build 600 (22.07.2008)


  • [+] Multiselect in tree and list;
  • [+] Updated WebImport plugin (import albums from Discogs);
  • [*] Many bugfixes.





Version 2.1.1 build 573 (30.06.2008)


  • Scan dialog now remember last selected category and location;
  • Fixed bug with multi-line comments;
  • Access to category and location list direct from scan dialog;
  • Added command line key to run from usb drives (cdc.exe -h);
  • Other small bug fixes;





Version 2.1 build 533 (10.06.2008)


  • Advanced search by plugins fileds (like codec, bitrate, resolution, etc.);
  • Added option for delete files and folders from disks;
  • New plugin for import frames from video files - Framegrab. It uses installed video codecs;
  • Now information from plugin shows even if plugin disabled;
  • Support for new formats (APE, FLAC, Trueaudio (TTA), MPC, SPX);
  • Added option to change preview images compression;
  • Added presets in scan dialog;
  • Added sound for finished scan;
  • Added automated recognition of new disks.





Version 2.03 build 441 (12.05.2008)


  • More powerfull Webpages plugin;
  • New settings page (Network);
  • Automatic check for new versions;
  • Windows Vista support;
  • And again many small fixes and enchantments.





Version 2.02 build 409 (28.04.2008)


  • Added settings dialogs for Images, FreeImages, TextInfo plugins;
  • New plugin for import covers and descriptions from web sites - WebImport (IMDB)
  • Added disc number column in list
  • Added option to lauch file by doubleclick
  • Several small fixes and enchantments.





Version 2.01 build 360 (15.04.2008)


  • Added "Browse" button in scan dialog;
  • Added support for mouse wheel in description window;
  • Several small fixes and enchantments.





Version 2.0 build 343 (10.04.2008)


  • AUI - new interface engine with dockable windows;
  • New plugins data storage method;
  • Support for assigning images for any elements (and thumbnails import from graphical files);
  • New plugins Textinfo (descriptions from text files) and Webpages (import HTML titles);
  • Much more powerfull Media and Images plugins;
  • New graphical themes added.





Version 1.2 build 1111 (02.03.2007)


  • User list and ability to track loaned disks;
  • Redesigned advanced search, now you can see previous search results;
  • Fixed critical error with two background operations at once;
  • Speed optimization for advanced search and file list;
  • Fixed memory leaks during disk scan;
  • Added aliases for files and folders and ability to search by alias names;
  • Updated audio plugin (more stable now);
  • Updated images plugin (more stable and more information from JPG files);
  • Added "auto eject after disk scan" option;
  • Added search by users and locations;
  • Redesigned "Settings" dialog;
  • New "Ctrl-T" shortcut to hide\show tree;
  • New "Insert" and "Del" shortcut in users, locations and category dialogs;
  • Added "Delete logs" function;
  • "Locate in tree" popup menu option for categories and search views;
  • Now empty string in search dialog means * (find all);
  • Many small fixes and enchantments.





Version 1.1 build 907 (08.12.2006)


  • New much faster and powerful audio plugin (for MP1, MP2, MP3 files);
  • More powerful images plugin (better EXIF support);
  • Added locations support;
  • Added search by disc number and more flexible search by size and date;
  • Added backup;
  • More faster groups and folders delete.